Colorado Springs Charities

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Presentation Fact Sheet For Nominations

It’s so exciting to nominate your favorite charity. Our donations are a huge boost to many of the small non-profit organizations in our city. In order to help you gather information for your favorite charity, we ask that you fill out a Presentation Fact Sheet prior to submitting a nomination.

Additionally, this Fact Sheet is very handy should you be selected to give a presentation.

If your non-profit is one of three Colorado Springs charities chosen for a presentation, you will be asked to share pertinent information regarding your charity and why members should vote for them. You will have 5-minutes to present the facts and offer your opinion as to why members should vote for them.

Additionally, after your presentation, members will have another 3-minutes to ask questions related to the charity. Please visit HOW IT WORKS for more information.

If you have questions or need help, please contact Sharon Sperry at


Thank you for nominating Colorado Springs charities! We looking forward to hearing all about them!

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