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100+ Women Who Care common questions.

How long has this organization been in Colorado Springs?

The chapter was founded in 2012. We are proud to be the first 100+Women Who Care in Colorado.

Which organizations can be nominated?

In order to be considered, the organization must be located/operate within the Colorado Springs area, and in El Paso County. National organizations are only eligible if the funds will be used exclusively in Colorado Springs/El Paso County. It must be an established non-profit organization recognized as a 501(c)(3) for at least one year and serve El Paso County. The Non-Profit needs to be recognized and/or listed as a member of Candid, formerly GuideStar, in order to be eligible to receive our collective donations.

For members who nominate a non-profit, we recommend using our Presentation Talking Points to prepare and gather appropriate information.

How is the charity that receives the donation chosen?

A member who has signed the commitment form, and been a member for three quarters can put the name of a local charitable organization into the box for a random drawing. The organizers of the meeting will collect names of organizations from members as they arrive. Members are not required to submit the name of a local organization, though it is encouraged. Three organizations will be selected at random (by drawing). The member (or a member of their choice) will be asked to give a short 5-minute presentation explaining why their chosen non-profit should receive the donation. A 5-minute Q&A will follow each presentation.

After all three non-profits have been presented, members will cast written votes. The charity with the most votes receives that quarter’s donations.

What if I can not attend a meeting?

As part of your membership, members honor their quarterly giving whether they are present or not. If a member is unable to attend a meeting:
  • You can sign up on GRAPEVINE and make recurring quarterly donations.
  • You can mail your check. Details will be emailed within 24 hours of our meeting.

Who can nominate and vote for a non-profit?

Members who have signed up with GRAPEVINE, or those with a member commitment form that are current on their contributions may nominate a charity for consideration or vote. You must have contributed 3 consecutive quarters to begin nominating as a new member, however you may vote at your first meeting. We only count votes from members in attendance at each meeting.

What if I don’t like or support the charity that was chosen through the membership vote?

In order for this simple and powerful system to work, we need to work together – collectively. We consider it a privilege and honor to come together in unity and support each other. As part of your membership, you agree to submit quarterly donations regardless of the selected charity.

Can I just send in the donation to the selected charity myself? Why do you have to send it on my behalf?

We ask that you not send the check directly. The goal of 100+ Women Who Care is to make a large donation on behalf of the whole group We encourage all members to sign up to make a recurring donation using our giving platform, GRAPEVINE. This allows us to track your donations to ensure you receive credit for the donation and remain eligible for membership. Lastly, we have a sponsor that matches donations up to $5000.

How long do the meetings last?

The actual process of nominating, presenting, and voting is short. Generally lasting no longer than 45 minutes. However, we offer a social time before the meeting for members to get to know each other, answer questions about 100WWC. Also, we encourage members to stay and enjoy dinner afterward for more social interaction time.

Is my contribution tax deductible? How do I get my tax forms?

Yes, your contribution is tax deductible since we only select Organizations that meet our requirements for a 501(c)(3). GRAPEVINE manages our donations and you will receive a year end statement for tax purposes. If you have elected to pay by check, your cancelled check will serve as your receipt.

I would like to bring a non-member friend to one of the meetings.

Absolutely! Guests are welcome to attend our meetings. Bring a friend or two or three! We hope you love us and decide to become a member. Only members are eligible to nominate and/or vote. Please contact DebHood2@comcast.net for more information or if you have questions.