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How It Works

100+ Women Who Care Colorado Springs is speed philanthropy without the little back dresses, planning meetings, or fundraisers! Our local giving circle has already donated nearly $400,000 to provide for those in the greatest need. This is one Colorado Springs women’s group that blesses so many in our city.

Becoming a member of 100 Women Who Care Colorado Springs is easy.

Of course, there is some additional information you might want to know. Within this site, you can find common FAQs, how to become involved, a list of past charities that have received donations from our quarterly Colorado Springs women’s meetings, and more.

Please be sure to read through HOW IT WORKS below as it outlines what you are committing to and what to expect in return. We want to clearly communicate expectations upfront and share the format of our meetings, as well as, how to nominate a charity. Our goal is to operate with integrity and fairness, giving each nominated charity equitable opportunity.

SIMPLY Join our Grapevine page, answer a few questions and you can easily schedule your donations through our GRAPEVINE account. All our email communications will be initiated from our Grapevine member page.

We hope you will join us at our next meeting to see how easy and fun speed philanthropy can be! In the meantime, join us on our Facebook group or follow our Instagram account.

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  1. Membership to 100 Women Who Care Colorado Springs is open to ALL women. No invitation is needed. Simply show up at a scheduled meeting and see if we are a fit for you. If nothing else, you will get to meet some pretty amazing women who like to have fun while supporting our community.
  2. Once you decide to become a member, simply join by answering a few questions on our GRAPEVINE page. And that’s it!


  1. Each member commits to donating $100 per quarterly meeting ($400/year) for a period of 1-year minimum.
  2. Members are asked to sign up for recurring donations through GRAPEVINE. Your quarterly donation goes directly to the selected charity, as voted on by the members.
  3. If you elect to not set up recurring donation with  GRAPEVINE, (but we hope you do as you can set up credit card or bank drafts automatically),  you agree to leave a check AT the meeting – made out to the selected charity, as voted on by the members.
  4.  As a member, you agree to mail your check promptly. We will notify you via email, within 24 hours, with the name of the chosen charity and where to send your check. Thank you for your prompt payment. These non-profits are expecting and relying on the promised funds.
  5. Checks that are mailed MUST be received within 10 days. (For simplicity purposes, please ONLY mail checks if you are not in attendance OR have elected to not use Grapevine. We HIGHLY recommend using GRAPEVINE
  6. Supporting the local community is our goal. Based on the vision of our group, all donations are to go to non-profit organizations location in Colorado Springs or El Paso County. National charities will not be considered – unless the funds are used locally.
  7. Qualifying donations are matched up to $5000.00 each quarter by the Richard M Schulze Family Foundation. The foundation was initiated by the founder of Best Buy and they have identified 100 Women Who Care as an organization they want to partner with in order to give back to local communities. In order to benefit from this, we need ALL donations within 10 days of the scheduled meeting. Please create a recurring account with GRAPEVINE. Easy. Simple. No fuss. Do it.
  8. Non-profits chosen by our members, by a vote, will receive the donations directly. (We are not a formal organization and do not retain any of the funds).



  1. The nominated Organization MUST be listed in Guidestar, no exceptions.
  2. A member MUST be in attendance in order to nominate or vote.
  3. Only members who have signed a Member Commitment Form and are current with  their contributions may submit a nomination for a non-profit and/or vote.
  4.  If you aren’t sure of your status, please send an email to PRIOR to the meeting.
  5. Your nomination ballot will include your name AND you must designate if your nominated organization is acknowledged by GuideStar. You are responsible for knowing this information prior to meeting.
  6. Nominations are collected during our check-in and social time, from 5:30-6PM.
  7. You will find a separate table set up for Nomination questions and collection of your nomination cards.
  8. Members who wish to submit a non-profit for consideration must be ready to make a five-minute presentation at the quarterly meeting to those in attendance. (Click here for a PRESENTATION FACT SHEET to help you with preparation for presenting your charity). Once you cover this information, you may use what time is remaining to share your personal connection.
  9. ONLY members can participate in the presentations.  If you prepare in advance, you will be able to provide all the information needed for your presentation. If YOU nominate- YOU do the presentation.
  10. Of all the non-profits nominated during a quarterly meeting, three will be chosen randomly. The member that nominates the selected non-profit will pitch their nominated organization with a five-minute presentation. This will be followed by a five-minute Q&A.
  11. Members vote by ballot for one of the three charities selected for a presentation.
  12. Majority rules. Even if your favorite charity is not selected for that particular meeting, all members are responsible for submitting their $100 donation.
  13. In the case of a two-way tie, we will do a re-vote between the two charities that are tied. If the second vote results in another tie, we will randomly pick one of the two non-profit’s names out of a hat. In the case of a three-way tie, we will randomly pick one of the three names out of a hat.
  14. Should a nomination not be chosen, they are still eligible for renomination during future meetings.


  1. Charities which are selected for donations are asked to wait two full years before being nominated again. However, the nominating Member MAY nominate another eligible charity at subsequent meetings.
  2. The receiving charity agrees to not use the names and contact information of the members for future solicitations. Additionally, they may not give or sell Member information for any other public or private use. A representative of the charity will sign a form acknowledging Member information is not to be used for any purpose.
  3. We invite receiving charities to report to Members at our next meeting. We love hearing how the funds are being used!

We are proud to have contributed over $350,000 to local charities in the last 9 years! This is only possible when a community of giving women work together. Ready to join us?

Join our GRAPEVINE PAGE, answer a few questions, set up your recurring donation and come to our next meeting.

Questions? Feel free to contact us at